StickyTot :: new features

version 1.4.1

Data download (csv format) for each child

You are now able to download and safely store a copy of all the information you entered using StickyTot. The new feature lets you download a spreadsheet (csv format) of all your events. So even if we were to pull a "Google Reader" on you none of your entries would be lost.

StickyTot download StickyTot download message

Just navigate to and log in with the Google account you have been using for your StickyTot updates. You will see the download button next to all recorded children.

StickyTot Excel

version 1.4

Milestones (Android)

You can now see the next closest milestones corresponding to your child's age (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

StickyTot milestone event StickyTot milestone event detail StickyTot milestone view

By tapping and holding on any child's name or event, you can navigate to the next closest event based on your child's current age or their age at the date when the event was registered.

Posting images as events straight from the gallery or other picture applications (Android)

In version 1.4 you can now create events based on pictures straight from the phone's gallery, using images stored on the device or using different services like Google+, Dropbox etc.

StickyTot image share StickyTot image share, select child StickyTot image share, new event

Just navigate to the desired picture and tap on the share button. The StickyTot logo will appear as an option. Follow the on-screen directions and create a new event with the chosen picture.

Multi Window Support (Android)

In devices with multi window support (Galxy Note 2) you can acces StickyTot side by side with other supported applications.

StickyTot multi window support StickyTot multi window support - landscape

Rotating images connected to events (Web & Mobile Web)

In some browsers and on some mobile platforms (Safari, iOS) images would upload rotated by 90 degrees. In version 1.4 you can rotate images after they have been uploaded straigh from the "events" interface.

StickyTot image rotation iOS StickyTot image rotation web

version 1.3 - joint user

In the latest version we introduced joint users, a feature that allows users to share their entire feed of children and events. Check out the video below, it demos this new, cool feature.