Welcome to StickyTot, a service/application for parents of babies or toddlers who are looking for a simple, straightforward tool for keeping track of all that happens in the eventful and busy time between birth and and the 3rd birthday.

StickyTot gives you the ability to record events and milestones and attach notes, photographs and growth information to each event. Using data from the National Center for Health Statistics, we calculate the child's height and weight percentile values based on the entered information.

StickyTot is available on your portable device. Using the browser on your device, navigate to www.stickytot.com. You will experience a version of the site that was designed and produced for touch-screens.
A native Android version is also available, one for iOS is planned.

To log in, please use your Google account information for now. In future versions we will provide other ways for logging in.

For attaching images to notes, you can upload images from your desktop/portable device. We are not storing any of the login information. When transmitted, all collected data will be encrypted and will travel over a secure connection.

You can download and safely store a copy of all the information you entered using StickyTot. You have access to a spreadsheet (csv format) of all your events.

We welcome your feedback and questions. Please use the contact form.


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Please provide your feedback and questions using the contact form. For more details about the application please refer to the about section.



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privacy & terms